47.217 (1.59%)
2911.608  3040.343
387.43224923 BTC
0.00000173 (1.95%)
0.00008591  0.00009026
2791004.66933349 XRP
0.000709 (0.27%)
0.256396  0.271128
1669916.89770000 XRP
0.00015715 (2.29%)
0.00683652  0.00719715
20372.95268944 LTC
0.00005754 (0.22%)
0.02565281  0.02667064
4574.32096166 ETH
0.00047038 (3.67%)
0.01205483  0.01288100
1277144.61291459 XRP


05.12.2018 10:09

Be vigilant to protect your funds

Dear users,We would like to inform you that there are a lot of 'phishing' websites that are similar ...

04.12.2018 16:44

BCH and BCHSV Update

We would like to inform you that BCH and BCHSV deposits/withdrawals are available. Stay tuned for f...

30.11.2018 15:05

Iconomi delisting. Final step

We would like to remind you that ICN will be delisted from our platform and the withdrawals will be ...

23.11.2018 13:43

Credited tokens and BCH(BCHABC) and BCHSV trading

Dear users, As we have reported before - accounts holding  BCH prior to the Nov 15th fork have...

14.11.2018 08:58

We do support the BCH hard fork and will credit our users with new split tokens

Twice a year, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network hard forks as part of scheduled protocol upgrades. ...

13.11.2018 17:02

Bitsane is the first exchange to launch USDT/EUR pair

We are happy to announce the listing of Tether (USDT) and the exclusive opportunity for our users to...

29.10.2018 15:20

ICONOMI (ICN) to be Delisted Soon

ICONOMI has recently announced a delisting schedule for its ICN due to the changes in the legal stru...

05.09.2018 10:35

Bitsane’s team attends the Blockchain Cruise Mediterranean and the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit

Dear customers and partners!   We are happy to inform you that the team of the European Crypt...

09.08.2018 09:42

Bitsane and TabTrader: New integration

  Bitsane users are now able to conduct transactions in pairs of crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat...

13.07.2018 20:20

New tokens listing on Bitsane

Dear Customers,   We are making the big launch of tokens on Bitsane. Please note that Iconomi...

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